Tea is a symbol of hospitality, comfort, and an invitation to stay a while. At Barnes and Morgan we are students of tea. Our curiosity is the driving force behind our loose leaf tea and herbal blends.




Threads is symbolic to connections and storytelling. Every day we have the chance to tell a uniquely curated story without saying a word through our choice of clothing. Dressing well is not only about “special occasions”. We believe dressing well is an everyday goal to express ourselves to the world fully and confidently every time we walk out the door. 

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The name Barnes and Morgan brand is about LEGACY.

An open door welcoming you into our home, a connection to our family ties, and a space to share stories and create new ones.

Barnes is the maiden name of our owner's mother who made the majority of her children's clothes when they were young. Morgan is our owner's father's family name. Our owner's grandmother, Mary Morgan, was a seamstress, and sewed to put his father through undergraduate school.

Mary’s brother, Bill Jackson, was a tailor and had his own label, “Made By Jackson”.

Our owner’s older sister who has been sewing since the age of 8 is the lead pattern maker and seamstress of our in-house tailored garments.